“Words will safeguard the spirit eternally”

I’d like to take a moment to remember Sammy Joe.

Or Samantha Hunt, her pen name. Studying for an MA. A young mother. A friend to many and a fantastic writer. In recent hours she decided to end her own life. Devastating to many, though somehow unavoidable, her passing comes at a great cost, to her daughter first and foremost, family and closest friends. But also to the page. She understood and appreciated language in a way that many have forgotten, but find remarkable when they re-discover it.

“This has been coming for a long time.
Last Summer, I’d sat on the
porch of the holiday house,
and listened to the sea.
There was a fierce blue
Beyond all of that vapid dark
It felt as though
It could get/could fall
Right in to the skin.
Some opaque weight
That came close, close and closer still-
In that muggy night
the moon pulled itself up
Then hung from the window by threads.
The blue wrapped its
knuckles around my fingers.
My thoughts turned in to/
fierce blue waves.
Silent visitors/”

This has been coming for a long time… – so it would seem. Though some of us, myself disappointingly included, were blind to it.

Her final poem ‘Drawing with Light’, was first published by ‘I am not a silent poet’ ; a magazine for poetry and artwork protesting against abuse in any of its forms.

I wish we could have heard more.