Trauma writing exercise

Here’s a little trauma writing exercise for you all. I’ve used it in several workshops, online and peer sesisons, and it works very well. As always, my primary advice is not to put any expectation on the writing, or the results. Follow you gut, and let  your gut, guide the pen.
Part  1
Free, long sentences. No structure. Time yourself per section, 1 minute
– Think of an animal, the first that comes to mind.
– Think of place in which this animal lives/roams.
– Describe the place in detail
– Describe the animal in detail
– Where has the animal come from (do we know?)
– Where is it going (do we know?)
– Your animal has an injury. Describe the injury.
From here:
Underline phrases/images that stand out. That surprise, unsettled. That you might like to use. At least 6, at the most 12.
List these phrases words down the page.
Read it through. What do you find?
Start to shape this para into something of a poem, giving it a rough form. Don’t put any expectations on it. Just work with what you have. This is just an animal poem, for now, don’t force going any deeper unless it comes naturally to you.
I’d love to hear your thoughts/comments, and read about your creative developments as a result of this exercise. Please tweet them @HelenCalcutt or send me a private message.