Making a cup of tea

If you’re missing your regular writing prompts, or are feeling creatively ‘stuck’ and need some help getting going again, here’s something that might help!

Making a cup of tea / Writing prompt

  1. Take hot water, milk, sugar, and tea. Now make a cup of it, but don’t. Write a poem about making tea instead.
  2. Think about which order do you add the ingredients to you lovely cup. Do you put the milk and sugar in first, or second? Or does the hot water go in first, then the milk, sugar? Do you take either? What tea do you use? Loose? A tea bag? How long do you stir the drink? If at all? What is your cup like? Smooth, ceramic. Old, chipped? How does it feel to touch? Describe all of this, in as much detail as possible. And be kind to yourself. Give yourself the time you need to complete this part of the task.
  3. Remember, to focus on the details in the actions as you write, and the mood of the work. Are the actions mindful, careful – or somewhat rushed? Try not to impose either one onto the writing. See what comes through naturally.
  4. And, what happens next after you have made your cup of tea? It could be absolutely anything…
  5. Tip: If you like, you can write as a free-hand, descriptive block of writing, and then edit into it later, making sure to put your initial energy into the details of the actions as they occur, first.

Happy writing!


Helen xxx