Writing memory through colour

Hello beautiful writers. Today I thought it might be nice to share a new writing prompt. I used this recently when working with the young women writers on the HAY Youth programme. I feel it could be useful for both developing and established writers, especially as the bedrock of the exercise is memory – something… Read More


‘Somehow’ ORDER YOUR COPY  Cover art ‘Enough’ by Katherine Sheers © ‘Somehow shows us a voice and a spirit that insists – at times defiantly, other times tenderly, always fiercely – on the magnitude and gravities of desire’ – Sumita Chakraborty   A highly accomplished set of poems which consider the ways grief, guilt, and loss attached… Read More

‘I’m still getting there’ Refugee Week, 2020

A poem by many voices on the theme of ‘home’, for Refugee Week, 2020. Words and ideas donated by: Christina Thatcher, Cheryl Lockheart, Roz Goddard, Jasmine Gardosi, Mark Antony Owen, K.S. Moore, Sam Frankie Fox, John Hawkhead, Adam Ai,  Rick Dove, Sue Wood, Jhilmil Breckenridge, Casey Bailey, Djuna Barnes, Shaun Hill, Marvin Thompson, Efi Antoniou,… Read More

Three new poems

Helen’s poems are breath taking in their ability to both move and intrigue the reader. She writes with a seamless sensuality and fluency; creating a new and vital vocabulary for the emotional, sexual and physical nuances of life. Her poetry captures the beauty of intimacy, confronts the taboo and, although touching on the darker elements… Read More


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