‘ underscores for movement

. bodily writing .

‘Bodily Writing’ is a choreographic project whose mission is to define a methodology of text-to-movement translation.

It is used both as a means of playful exploration, and in the creation of of innovative new dance-theatre work.

. the process .

Bodily Writing seeks to ignite words, and celebrate their physicality, blending dance and text in ways that go beyond expected norms.

Blending contemporary movement, gesture, and voice, dancers explore the vulnerable yet restorative relationship between reader and poem, making this exchange as much a part of the physical storytelling as the original text itself.

Often undertaking themes of grief, identity, and growth, Bodily Writing holds space for the poem to learn its bodily power, while the dancer dives into the textured and transformative process of rendering poetry through the body.

The inner worlds of both text and dancers collide, taking centre stage simultaneously, to tell their unique, interpretive stories.



. education .

By exploring poetry through movement, we quite literally, ‘step into’ another’s world, navigating its unfamiliar terrain in ways that encourage both a deep connection with the self, and others.

Bodily Writing is a fantastic approach to exploring well-being and the practice of empathy in education – from primary schools to adult learning centres.

We also deliver masterclasses for vocational dance students expanding their choreographic study.

If you would like to discuss workshops, CPD sessions, talks, or anything else, get in touch.

An ongoing exploration, and a fundamental aspect to Helen’s practice the project has been supported by Arts Council England, One Dance UK, and The DanceXchange.