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Movement Direction and choreography are central to Helen’s practice as a dance artist. Choreographic commissions span from live contemporary work, to film and site-specific productions. She is company choreographer for leading touring theatre company Midland’s Actor’s Theatre, alongside freelance projects, specialising in site-specific work, and productions that combine voice, movement, and text.

Helen is particularly interested in how a range of emotions and themes can be visually represented through physicality and movement, understanding dance to be a vibrant and vital language of communication.

Stories through dance

Using the body to re-work, and translate stories from text and voice, is a fundamental part of Helen’s approach to her movement work, making for both a distinct and experimental practice. In 2021 she created ‘Beyond Words‘, an Arts Council funded movement dedicated to exploring unique methods of translation: from word language, into body language. FIND OUT MORE.

Choreo Gallery

DESCENT by Midlands Actors Theatre.

Credits: ‘Descent trailer’ Midland’s Actor’s Theatre, ‘The Dog Fight’ Regional Voice Theatre